Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Claudia Jean at Conanicut Marina before leaving for Alaska

5 April 2010 Claudia G.

BOAT: Claudia G.
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER/ BUILDER: Magna Marine, Moncton, New Brunswick Canada
YEAR: 2001
 HULL: Solid fiberglass
LENGTH: 31 feet [9.44 meters]
 Officially known as a Magna Miramachi 3100XL, Claudia G. is one of just a handful of boats produced by the short lived New Brunswick based company known as Magna marine. Her lines are distinctive and purposeful. The interior features varnished wood with a galley and shower. Three steps up is the enclosed pilot house- designed for comfort in bad weather.
 Claudia G. has enjoyed somewhat of a spoiled existence under the regular care of Cananicut Marine Services in Jamestown. addition to expert maintenance, she was the beneficiary of a hull modification that made her more efficient when cutting water.
 All of this pampering has come to an end. Launched just before last week’s storms Claudia G. got a taste of what lies ahead in her next life. After a sea trial here in Narragansett bay, she will be trucked to her new home in Alaska.
 Going along with the boat will be the legacy of craftsmanship and care that is so prevalent in our area.

Monday, November 24, 2014

White Hawk out of the water and in a very clever winter shed at the Newport Shipyard

29 March 2010 Whitehawk

BOAT: White Hawk
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Bruce King, Newcastle, Maine
BUILDER: O. Lie-Neilsen, Rockland, Maine
LENGTH: 105 feet [32 meters]
YEAR: 1978
HULL: Cold Molded cedar/ epoxy
 Inspired by L Francis Herreshoff’s famous sailing yacht Ticonderoga, White Hawk is recognized by yacht connoisseurs as a masterpiece of majestic proportions.  Heralded as one of the world’s most splendid ketches, White Hawk is a showcase for sleek traditional lines, impeccable detailing and contemporary construction- she straddles past and present- drawing the best of both worlds.
White Hawk spent this past winter inside the shed at Hinckley Yacht Services in Portsmouth where she underwent some exploratory surgery. The idea was that perhaps a boat built in 1978 might have some rot or other defects below the waterline. The concept, while not unreasonable, was unfounded in the case of White Hawk- she proved to be as good as new!  Sticking to a rigorous schedule, the captain and crew are preparing for a busy season which will be spent – fortunately for us- in and around our waters. Keep your eyes out for this extraordinary beauty next summer as she moves about Newport Harbor.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

could not find the original image taken in Newport- please forgive- got this one on line

22 March 2010 Moneypenny

BOAT: Moneypenny
OWNER: Jim Swartz, Edgartown, MA
DESIGNER: German Frers, Buenos Aeries, Argentina
BUILDER: Nautor Swan, Pietarsaari, Finland
LENGTH: 60 feet [18.2 meters]
YEAR: 2005
HULL: Pre preg Carbon Fiber
 Moneypenny is one of a series of high performance racing yachts built by the legendary Nautor Swan of Finland. The first five of the all carbon one design yachts were snapped up at the plan stage before a single one had been popped from their molds at Nautor’s new high science composite building facility in Finland. Hull, deck, framing, mast, chain plates, winch bases, and even steering wheels are made from the “black gold” of pre impregnated molded and baked carbon fiber. The material is not only stiffer, but offers a 30% weight savings when compared to standard fiberglass construction.
 With the interior removed, the 601 is a thoroughbred racing machine- Moneypenny spent the first three years of her life in this role. With the interior reinstalled, the 601 is a fast ocean going cruising yacht with the world as her playground- that has characterized the past two years for Monneypenny.
Now, after spending the winter indoors at the LMI building in Portsmouth, Moneypenny has been launched, commissioned, and prepared for departure to Saint Barthelemy. She will take part in the first annual Voiles de Saint Barth Regatta. She left the Newport Shipyard bound for Saint Barth’s last week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another beautiful restoration under ideal conditions at the International Yacht Restoration School [IYRS]
15 march IYRS Chris Craft

BOAT: not yet named
OWNER: The International Yacht Restoration School [IYRS]
DESIGNER: Chris Smith, Algonac, Michigan
BUILDER: Chris Craft Corporation, Algonac, Michigan
YEAR: 1939
LENGTH: 15.5 feet [ 4.72 meters]
HULL: Philippine Mahogany

 The 15.5 foot Deluxe runabout was one of the most resilient models in the Chris Craft lineup. Spanning from the early 1930’s well into the post WWII years, this small yet speedy boat made its way into lakes and harbors from coast to coast across the U.S.A.. As is the case with all wooden boats, the enemy of time takes its toll.
This boat (with no name because the transom was rotted away) came to the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) as a donation in need of total restoration. The students at the IYRS campus on Thames Street have responded by completely rebuilding this beautiful classic to the point where the boat is actually better than when she was new.
Planks, frames, decking, and transom have been completely renewed or restored. Upon completion, the boat will be sold,- the proceeds going to fund further restorations of other boats. As this goes on right here in our city, newly minted yacht restoration experts leave the IYRS campus to begin careers across the country and beyond.
Stop by the IRYS campus on Thames Street to see this and several other restorations in progress.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hunt Harrier at home in Portsmouth Rhode Island

8 March 2010 Hunt Harrier

BOAT: Hull # 78- not yet named
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: C. Raymond Hunt, New Bedford, MA
BUILDER: Hunt Yachts, Portsmouth, R.I.
LENGTH: 25 feet [7.62 meters]
HULL: E glass with divinycell foam core
 The Hunt Harrier is the quintessential ocean going day boat. The design is the modern day descendent of a long line of revolutionary offshore powerboats.
C. Raymond Hunt has credentials in the yachting world that are nothing short of legendary. Icons such as the Concordia Yawl, the Boston Whaler, and the 110 and 210 classes of planning keelboats are well known throughout the world, but the deep Vee offshore racing hulls are what led to the Harrier 25.
Originally developed for the Miami to Nassau race in the late 1950’s the “ Mopie” series of high dead rise deep vee hulls has been refined and modified to the point where the Harrier 25 is literally without comparison in today’s small boat market.
 That the boats are hand made from the finest materials by expert craftsmen right here in Newport County is perhaps least important to buyers from around the world- they are in it for the quality of design and build. For us, it means jobs.
The Hunt yachts manufacturing facility is located at the Bend Boat Basin in Portsmouth- learn more by visiting

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nantucket Lightship in Newport Harbor

1 March 2010 Nantucket Lightship

BOAT: Nantucket Lightship
OWNERS: Bill and Kristen Golden
DESIGNER/BUILDER: United States Coast Guard, Curtis Bay, MD
LENGTH: 128 feet [39 meters]
YEAR: 1950
HULL: Steel
Originally built as lightship WLV612 San Francisco, the Nantucket Lightship has had an interesting career indeed. Before the advent of unmanned automated lighted buoys, lightships were the primary navigational aids to seafaring vessels.
 As lightships were phasing out, WLV612 moved where needed.  She stayed at anchor off the California coast for 21 years before transiting the Panama Canal to serve as “The Portland” [Maine] from 1971-1975. After that, she went 45 miles southeast of Nantucket Island where she stayed on until 1983 as the last lightship in the U.S.- riding out some very nasty weather and sea conditions in the process.
After decommissioning in 1985, the boat had several owners before winding up on E-bay. In 2000, the current owners bought her with the goal of preserving an American maritime icon. For generations of inbound European immigrants, the Nantucket Lightship was the first glimpse of America after crossing the Atlantic. It was a beacon of safety and hope, for the ancestors of many Americans today.
 Now exquisitely renovated into an elegant destination for weddings, special events, and charters, the Nantucket Lightship continues to shine as a beacon of hope to those seeking to preserve and reuse historic ships.
Learn more by visiting
Taro 800 at Jamestown Boat Yard

15 February 2010 Taro 800

BOAT: Taro 800
OWNER: Reagan Construction Corp, Newport
Nashville Bridge Co., Ashland TN
HULL: Steel
LENGTH: 130 feet [39.6 meters]
YEAR: 1986
 Founded in the late 1800s by the Dyer family as a bridge building company, the Nashville Bridge Company slowly morphed into a barge building company. By the 1960s, it had become the world’s largest builder of inland barges. The company has since been sold, but still builds barges today.
 Taro 800 began her career moving sand and stone between New Bedford and Martha’s Vineyard. In 1990, The Reagan Construction Corp. bought the barge and installed SPUDS- long tubes capable of keeping the barge stationary in water as deep as 40 feet. A Manitowoc 100 ton crane was installed on deck, and Taro 800 became a powerful implement for a growing marine construction company.
 After nearly two decades of servicing ships, working on docks, and marinas, as well as countless other marine related jobs, Taro 800 is now working on improvements at Perrotti Park in Newport.
 Taro 800 is the second of two Reagan Construction Corp barges to work on the Perrotti Park project. The first barge came in to dredge the area during January, and now Taro 800 is helping with the construction of a new pavilion and docks.
By summer, everything will be done, and Taro 800 will be busy working somewhere else.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Up the rig in January

Artemis in the low January light at Newport Shipyard
18 January 2010 Artemis

BOAT: Artemis
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Dubois Yachts, Lymington, England
BUILDER: Fitzroy Yachts, New Plymouth, New Zealand
YEAR: 2009
LENGTH: 147feet 6 inches [45 meters]
HULL: Aluminum
 In ancient Greek mythology, Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the Hellenic goddess of forests and hills, child birth, and the hunt. Depicted as both beguiling and powerful, her image is symbolic of the yacht that bears her name.
 The nearly twenty story tall all carbon mast has been the largest and perhaps most valuable structure on the Newport waterfront for several months now. Teams of Newport based businesses have been hard at work preparing Artemis for a midwinter offshore journey south. The experts at The Newport Shipyard- America’s premier super yacht destination- are just now wrapping up work on several areas of the yacht. Newport is one of a very few deep water ports in the world that has the capacity, and infrastructure to service such remarkable yachts.
 While the passage can be challenging at this time of year, Artemis is more than up to the job. After her capable refit at the shipyard, she should make way to warmer climes with swift dispatch. Bon voyage Artemis- see you next spring- we hope.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The RAM I 850 Spyder "street parking" in Jamestown, Rhode Island, after a sea trial ~ October 2009

19 October 2009 RAM1

BOAT: Ram 1 850 Spyder
OWNER: Reflex Advanced Marine, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
DESIGNER: Ian Taylor, Ontario, Canada
YEAR: 2009
HULL: Fiberglass with inflatable airtight compartments
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.53 meters]
Formed in 1993 by Master boat designer/ builder Ian Taylor, RAM started out as a research & development company. The revolutionary new hull design is not a catamaran or a trimaran, but rather a hybrid. The hull actually mixes air into the water as it moves so that the boat rides atop a spray of air and water. This greatly reduces friction and increases efficiency. A boat of this size might normally carry a pair of 225 HP outboards to achieve the performance standards of this boat. Instead, and due to the patented RAM Design the boat uses two 120 HP outboards which means half the power and even less fuel!
  The hull concept has many applications from recreational to commercial transport to military uses. A look at their web site will give an idea of the many uses for this extraordinary new technology.
Jamestown resident Jim Mattingly is head of U.S. sales for the RAM line, and he is very busy indeed. The future for this new technology is bright, and very much connected to Newport County.
Bystander after relaunch in Newport
18 May 2009 Bystander

BOAT: Bystander
OWNER: J -Class Management, Newport
Greenport Basin and Construction Company, Greenport, N.Y.
LENGTH: 42 feet [12.8 meters]
YEAR: 1929
HULL: Cedar on white oak frames
  If historic significance is any benchmark, then Bystander gets a gold star. The list of her relationships reads like an A list star party in Hollywood. Built for Mike Vanderbilt, in what turned out to be the year of the great stock market crash, Bystander has played host to the boats & crew of no less than six America’s Cup Races. Starting in 1930 with the J –Class Enterprise, and continuing uninterrupted until 1967 with the 12 meter challenger, Dame Patti, Bystander, towed, tended, and otherwise stood by some of the best known yachts in racing history.
 The ravages of time took their toll on Bystander, and she became in need of a total restoration- enter Narragansett Shipwrights and its all star cast of Newport based professionals. The list of businesses and individuals that took part in Bystander’s renovation is on a par with her rich history. Fine craftsmanship, joinery, and mechanics were on display this past Thursday as Bystander was re launched after a multi year restoration near the I.Y.R.S. campus.
 The boat will be on view in Newport Harbor this summer- just in time for the 12 Meter World Championships coming up this fall.

Vicem in Newport

28 December 2009 Jessica Vicem

BOAT: Jessica
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Vicem in house design
BUILDERS: Vicem Yachts, Tuzla, Turkey
LENGTH: 58 feet [17.6 meters]
HULL: Cold Molded Mahogany /Epoxy
YEAR: 2007
The Vicem [pronounced “Veechem”] line of semi custom power yachts are among the finest available in the world today. Designed by an all female team of naval architects based in Turkey, the yachts were a big hit at the Newport International Boat Show past September. Guests appreciated the fine joinery, elegant layout and aura of warm comfort down below decks. Every detail reveals quality, from the galley fixtures to the teak decks and the multiple layers of mahogany veneer that make up the hull.
 Few have the budget for a boat of this sort, but the Newport based sales team is hard at work finding those who do.  Vicem recently completed construction of a new state of the art facility that will not only continue to build these awesome yachts, but others as well. Jessica, and a sister ship are spending the winter out of the water in Portsmouth, because their owners know that for reliable and expert service, the marine businesses in Newport County are among the best in the world.

11 January 2010 Aqua Boogie

BOAT: Aqua Boogie
OWNER: Butch Taylor, Newport
DESIGNER: Sea Sprite, Crescent City, IL
BUILDER: Bee Boats, North Webster, IN
YEAR: 1985
LENGTH: 26 feet [7.9 meters]
HULL: Solid Fiberglass
 Beginning as Crownline Boats in landlocked east central Illinois, the company that came to be known as Sea Sprite had 115 employees making 13 boats a day during its heyday in the early 1980’s. Aqua Boogie is a 260 XL Aft Cabin Cruiser that once belonged to a former governor of Connecticut. Somehow, the boat wound up on a hilltop in Uncasville, CT, in deep disrepair. Local party impresario D.J. Butch found the boat on Craig’s List and sprung into action.
 A sound hull and new motor were the two things that kept Butch going during his months long endeavor to restore the boat. Squirrels, bees, mice, and birds had colonized the beleaguered hull for several years prior to the big push. It was late October of this year before Aqua Boogie made her first offshore run from New London CT to Newport.
 At present, she is docked at the Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina. She is under cover, heated, and work continues. As proprietor of, D.J. Butch is spending extra time on the sound system. In Butch’s words, “you will hear me before you see me this summer”.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leilani at Mount Hope Boatworks in Newport, RI  February 2010

8 Feb 2010 Leilani

BOAT: Leilani
OWNER: Alain
DESIGNER: George Lawley & Sons, South Boston, MA
BUILDER: George Lawley & Sons, South Boston, MA
LENGTH: 50 feet [15.25 meters]
HULL: Southern Yellow Pine over Oak
YEAR: 1903
 Some of the graduates of I.Y.R.S. -the International Yacht Restoration School- located in Newport didn’t have to go far to find work. With their newly developed skills, they started work right away at Mount Hope Boatworks, also in Newport.  Built in 1903 at the Lawley yard in South Boston, Leilani is a true classic with a venerated pedigree. She lived for many years in Brooklyn, N.Y. spending summers sailing on Sheepshead Bay, and racing around Manhattan. Her new owner intended to take her across to Europe but was sidelined into Newport with engine trouble- that’s when the “fun” started.
 Various experts warned that a trip across the Atlantic could be fatal without certain repairs. Before long it was determined that Newport would be the best place to have Leilani restored.
At present, Leilani is completely pulled apart but turning the corner. When completed, the boat will be as good as or better than new. The level of skill and talent for such things in Newport is second to none.
 A video of Leilani’s mast taking a ride down Broadway, stopping traffic, and moving into Oldport Marine Service’s barn on Sherman Street can be seen this week at

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phoenix at the Newport Shipyard -  January 2010

25 January 2010 Phoenix

BOAT: Phoenix
OWNER: Downeast Marine Resources, Castine, ME
DESIGNER/BUILDER: Davie Yard Inc., Levis, Quebec
YEAR: 1972
HULL: Steel
LENGTH: 130 feet [39.6 meters]
 Located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River opposite the United Nations UNESCO World Heritage City of Quebec, the Davie Shipyard has been in continuous operation for over 185 years!
Originally builders of ocean going square rigged sailing vessels, Davie Yard also built boats for up river and Great Lakes exploration. Following the myriad changes of history, the yard has morphed into a modern builder of fishing, military, and industrial ships.
 Built in the early 1970s for offshore fishing, Phoenix- after a hard career spanning more than three decades- was the beneficiary of a multimillion dollar refit into a private yacht in 2008.  It seems that no expense was spared. The vessel was fitted with every mechanical system and creature comfort imaginable.
Purchased recently by Downeast Marine Resources, Phoenix made a brief stop at the Newport Shipyard. The boat is now a luxurious private platform for scientific research.
With side scanning SONAR, bottom mapping capabilities, a full on board laboratory, and submersible vehicle launching gear, Phoenix will come in handy when offshore wind companies commence initial operations in Rhode Island waters.
The John H. Chafee docking at Fort Wetherill [near Bull Point] in Jamestown February 2010

1 February 2010 John Chafee

BOAT: John H. Chafee
OWNER: State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
DESIGNER and BUILDER: Wesmac Marine, Surry, ME
YEAR: 2004
 HULL: Kevlar
LENGTH: 50 feet [15.24 meters]
The boat named after the late Rhode Island Senator John Chafee is emblematic of his legacy. Elected in 1976, Senator Chafee was a strong voice for clean air and water in Washington D.C., as well as a lifelong advocate for the best interests of Narragansett Bay. He was instrumental in securing funding for the boat that bears his name.
 With Narragansett Bay and the nearby ocean waters intrinsic to the past, present and future of our state, it only makes sense to monitor and report on what is arguably our most precious asset- that is the mission of the John H. Chafee.
 Built out of Kevlar- one of the most durable substances known to man- the Chafee is a sturdy platform for research both inside and outside of the bay. On any given day, the Chafee leaves her birth at Fort Wetherill in Jamestown- usually with a team of biologists or marine scientists to perform any number of tasks. The research is key to our understanding of the rapidly changing marine environment. The boat is a fitting legacy for an extraordinary senator.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Half Moon at Jamestown Boatyard. Notice the snow on the ground and the tugboat in the background

Half Moon 4 jan 2010

BOAT: Half Moon
OWNER: Gibson Hammond, Duxbury, MA
DESIGNER: Ron Holland, Kinsale, Ireland
BUILDER: Nautor Swan, Pietarsaari, Finland
LENGTH: 40 feet [12.2 meters]
YEAR: 1983
HULL: Solid fiberglass
Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Ron Holland came to prominence as a yacht designer during the 1970s. After a brief spell in the U.S., Holland relocated to Ireland where his career took off. After a number of winning designs for some of Europe’s most prestigious builders, Holland designed a series of boats for Nautor.
 At almost 64 degrees north, Pietarsaari, is situated well north of Anchorage, Alaska. It seems an odd place for a world famous yacht builder, but in Finland, Pietarsaari is relatively south. Known for quality that is second to none, Nautor Swans are the Mercedes Benz of the yacht world.
Half Moon is one of 52 Swan 391s built between the years of 1981 and 1987- all at the Pietarsaari facility.
Half Moon’s hull, joinery, and rigging are rugged and competitive –even today. The weakest point on these classic stalwarts is usually the teak decks. Intentionally thin upon construction to save weight, the decks are known to wear out after a few decades. Coincidentally, Jamestown Boat Yard – the premier destination for Swan Yachts in the U.S. – is known for replacing them, hence the reason for Half Moon’s visit to our waters.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ranger- Oldport Launch- 26 feet [8 meters]

Santa in Newport Harbor aboard a classic Oldport Launch. photo by Matt Gineo

21 Dec 2009 Oldport Ranger

BOAT: Ranger
OWNER: Oldport Marine Services. Newport, R.I.
DESIGNER: Oldport Marine, Newport, R.I.
BUILDER: Oldport Marine, Newport, R.I.
LENGTH: 26 feet [8 meters]
YEAR: 2007
HULL: Solid fiberglass
 With all of Newport’s ship building history long gone, it is good to know that there is at least one company within our borders still actively building boats. They might not be the world girdling ships of yesteryear, but these boats get around just the same.
 The Oldport 26 is perhaps one of the most versatile and rugged boats available today. Designed and built by the folks who manage most of the moorings in Newport- one of the world’s foremost yachting destinations- the Oldport 26 is, sold worldwide. U.S. Coast Guard certified to carry 23 passengers, the boat makes an ideal water taxi, short run ferry, or yacht club launch.
The design is coveted by yacht clubs and harbor masters up and down the East Coast of the U.S. and as far away as Aruba, and Turkey. Oldport Marine Services sells the boats commissioned and ready to go- usually with a Yanmar diesel.
 This past week, Santa Claus was spotted cruising through Newport Harbor, in an Oldport Launch, - no doubt –checking upon who has been naughty and who has been nice. HO, HO, HO, and Happy Holidays to all!

Saphire-30 meter-Hoek design

Saphire at the dock in Portsmouth, Rhode Island

å14 December 2009 Sapphire
BOAT: Sapphire
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Hoek Designs, Edam, Netherlands
BUILDER: Holland Jachtbouw, Zaandam, Netherlands
LENGTH: 100 feet [30 meters]
YEAR: 1996
HULL: Aluminum
 The combination of Andre Hoek and Holland Jachtbouw is about as good as it gets when it comes to designer and builder. Sapphire was one of Jachtbouw’s first large builds in aluminum, and since then, Jachtbouw have become known for this kind of construction. It is very expensive, but of the utmost quality.
 The design of Sapphire is the very embodiment of a “classic” yacht, combining the best of yesterday with the best of today. The traditional Honduras mahogany interior surrounded by super strong aluminum makes for a thoroughbred world cruiser.
Since her birth in 1996, Sapphire has traveled around the world several times! She has spent considerable time in the South Pacific, visiting exotic islands and rare ports of call. She is also available for charter on occasion.
 After over a decade of hard service and more miles than most boats will see in a lifetime, Sapphire is here in Newport County for some well deserved maintenance. She will spend the winter at the “Bend Boat Basin” in Portsmouth where several important local businesses are headquartered. A full refit is underway, after which, Sapphire will be ready to strike out again. Where to is anyone’s guess.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Harvey Gamage at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island

7 December 2009 Harvey Gamage

BOAT: Harvey Gamage
OWNER: Ocean Classroom Foundation
DESIGNER: Harvey Gamage
BUILDER: Harvey Gamage, South Bristol, ME
YEAR: 1974
LENGTH: 131 feet [40 meters]
HULL: Southern Yellow Pine over Oak
 Based in South Bristol, Maine, Harvey Gamage was the last of the great builders of New England “coasting schooners”. Used as bulk transport vessels, these boats laid the very basis of civilization, as we know it today, from Maine to the Caribbean. Everything from Goddard & Townsend furniture made in Newport, to rum, grain, molasses, and slaves from up and down the coast moved on coasting schooners.
 For over three decades, the last boat built by Harvey Gamage has been educating students and changing lives. Ocean Classrooms in collaboration with the University of Maine,  offers a “Seamester” – a semester of college credits taught at sea, aboard Harvey Gamage- inspiring and awakening students while providing real college credits.
  Last week, en route to the Caribbean, the Gamage encountered a bad storm. Captain and crew radioed into Newport seeking shelter. The good folks at Sail Newport extended a warm welcome, free dockage and safety from the storm.
 Securely tied to the Alofsin Pier, the sailors aboard Gamage had a chance to reflect upon the traditions of the sea, and the many coasting schooners that visited Newport in centuries past.

Scoot-New Engand Boatworks 55

Scoot on her first test sail in Narragansett Bat

23 November 2009 Scoot

BOAT: Scoot
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Nelson/Marek Yacht Designs, San Diego, CA
BUILDER: New England Boatworks, Portsmouth, R.I.
YEAR: 2009
LENGTH: 55 feet [16.7 meters]
HULL: Pre impregnated carbon/epoxy with a Nomex high density foam core
 The term “high tech” comes to mind when considering this latest launch from New England Boatworks [NEB] in Portsmouth. Designed by Nelson Marek, engineered by High Modulus International, and built by the talented staff at NEB, Scoot is a state of the art day sailor/racer.
The design is sent electronically from design office to builder in a zip file. That information gets transformed into a mold by way of a computer guided router and careful assembly of the precisely cut components. The hull is laid up in a way that is similar to the B2 Stealth Bomber. The whole thing is meticulously set up, vacuum bagged, and slowly baked in a special oven.
 Experienced sailors, and yacht connoisseurs from around the world choose Rhode Island builders when commissioning a new yacht, because of our outstanding expertise and service. The global recession has hit hard, but with luck, and perseverance, our industry will continue to thrive.
 The builders at NEB possess a rare talent that seems to be marketable despite desperate financial times. Here’s to the future of high tech yachting and all of its ties to Rhode Island!

Island Lure- Harris 36- Jamestown, R.I.

Island Lure at Conanicut Marina in Jamestown, Rhode Island

Island Lure 5 Jan 09

BOAT: Island Lure
OWNER: Thomas LaFazia, Jamestown, R.I
BUILDER: Harris Boats, Gloucester, MA
DESIGNER: Royal Lowell, Yarmouth, Maine,
LENGTH: 36 feet [11 meters]
YEAR: 1973
 HULL: Double fiberglass with Balsa core
 The history of Harris boats is difficult to trace. Many of the early fiberglass boat builders from the late 1960’s and 1970’s have gone out of business – their molds sold or lost. Harris is one such company. With fiberglass/ resin composite construction still new, builders at that time tended to err on the side of caution, making remarkably solid if not overbuilt boats that have become beloved classics in today’s market.
 Island Lure is a “rock solid” boat of that vintage. After spending the first three decades of her life in Rock Harbor, Ma, she came to Jamestown as a project boat for the father son team of Tom LaFazia senior and junior. Young Tom was just 22 years old when he became the official owner of the boat. Father and son set about restoring many aspects of the boat. They rebuilt the decks, installed fish boxes, new electronics, and built a custom fly bridge. They went through the whole boat and made her sound for commercial fishing.
While Tom works for Narragansett Bay Lobsters as a day job, his thoughts are never far from the classic beauty that he keeps floating eight months a year in our waters.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hunky Dory- Cape Dory 28- powerboat

Hunky Dory at Conanicut Marina in Jamestown, R.I.

Hunky-Dory 29 December 2008

BOAT: Hunky Dory
BUILDER: Cape Dory, East Taunton, MA
DESIGNER: Carl Alberg, Lynn, MA
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.5 meters]
HULL: Solid Fiberglass
YEAR: 1987
Between Cape Dory Yachts and Carl Alberg there are enough ties to our area to touch nearly every boater. Founded in 1963 by Andrew Vavolotis in East Taunton, MA, Cape Dory Yachts built thousands of boats from small sailing craft to large cruising sailboats,  and some powerboats. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Carl Alberg designed over 50 production boats many of which are actively sailing in our area. The Hawk, Triton, and Ensign, built by Pearson Yachts in Portsmouth are just a few Alberg designs with a substantial local presence. Over 1800 Ensigns were built, and many of them are still sailing here on the bay.
 The Cape Dory 28 hull was one Carl Alberg’s sweetest powerboat designs. Of the over 300 Cape Dory powerboats built, three quarters of them were the 28foot hull, which was available in three configurations.  Hunky Dory is the Open Fisherman design. Popular for its attractive lines, & good sea keeping qualities, the Cape Dory 28 Open Fisherman, is a safe comfortable boat for a family, race committee, or – of course – fishing party.
After years of service, Conanicut Marine Services of Jamestown has sold Hunky Dory to a new owner on Cape Cod. CMS will be trucking Hunky Dory to her new home later this week.

Elizabeth Storm-Riviera 51- Pompano Beach, FL

On a stopover for fuel,at Goat Island Marina in Newport, RI , Elizabeth Storm  was running from icy conditions

19 Jan 2009 Elizabeth Storm

BOAT: Elizabeth Storm
OWNER: Save the Water
LENGTH: 51 feet [15 meters]
YEAR: 2005
DESIGNER: Frank Mulder, Benschop, Holland
BUILDER: Riviera Boats,  Coomera, Queensland, Australia
HULL: Infusion molded fiberglass
 Riviera Boats is the largest luxury boat builder in Australia and a major player in the global marine industry. From their state of the art manufacturing facility in Coomera, Queensland - the biggest in the southern hemisphere- they produce luxury boats from 33 to 70 feet.
 Designer Frank Mulder is known in mega yacht circles for designs that have been implemented in yachts costing well into the millions. The combination of Mulder and Riviera is one of quality an expertise.
 Captains Richard Gosier and Scott Malison are off on an adventure this week. They are taking Elizabeth Storm down to Florida staying close to shore and sprinting port to port between storm systems. They left Fall River just as chunks of ice started flowing down the Taunton River. Stopping in Newport for fuel and overnight dockage, the pair took time out to give an interview to the Daily News before taking off.
 By the time that you read this,  Elizabeth Storm should be slowly motoring down the intracoastal waterway towards her winter home in Pompano Beach, Florida.

M65- Minisinamerica-Marblehead, MA

12 October M65

BOAT: M65 
OWNER:, Marblehead, MA
DESIGNER: Owen Clarke Design, Dartmouth, England
BUILDER: Porta Fiberglass, Edgewater, FL
LENGTH: 21 feet [6.5 meters]
YEAR: 2009
HULL: Hand laid Fiberglass
HISTORY: The Mini, or Open 6.5, is the smallest of the Open Class, ocean-racing sailboats. They look and perform like miniature Open 60 monohulls which is not surprising as much of the technology and materials deployed on the big Open 60s – twin rudders, canting keels, water ballast, carbon fiber – was first developed and prototyped on Minis. Likewise, many of the world’s top offshore racing skippers – Ellen MacArthur, Michel Desjoyeaux, Yves Parlier, Isabelle Autissier, Bernard Stamm, Jean Luc Van Den Heede, Bruno and Loick Peyron – began their sailing careers in Minis. Minis are to Open 60s what go karts are to Formula One racing. In baseball parlance, they are the farm leagues of Major League Baseball.
 Until just recently, most minis were one off custom built boats- and not part of a mainstream production run. During the past five years, Jeffery Dingle of Marblehead, MA has developed the first high tech production mini - made in America – that is ready to buy and sail.
 Designed for use as fleet racing boats near shore or as training rockets for long distance offshore racing- the all new M65 was in Newport briefly, but has since moved on to Annapolis for the boat show.

Zephyr-Stuart Knockabout- Jamestown, R.I.

Zephyr out sailing on a splendid November day on Narragansett bay, R.I.

16 November 09 Zephyr

BOAT: Zephyr
OWNER: The Frary family, Jamestown
DESIGNER: L. Francis Herreshoff, Bristol, R.I.-1932
BUILDER: Edey and Duff, Mattapoisett, MA
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.5 meters]
YEAR: 2003
HULL: Foam/ fiberglass sandwich
Zephyr is one of a series of boats referred to as a Stuart Knockabout. The Knockabouts are a modern interpretation of a classic design. Made locally by respected boat builders Edey and Duff, the boats fuse modern materials with the style and elegance of earlier times. 
By all accounts, the Bristol based L. Francis Herreshoff was a design genius. He was partial to shallow draft designs with relatively long waterlines. In his day, wood and canvas were the only available materials.  He would be impressed if he could see his design as made today- using materials that allow the weight to be concentrated down in the keel, the hull to be stiff, and the rig to be light. Perhaps he would be even more impressed to see how much the Frary family enjoys their boat.
 Nimble and fast, the Stuart Knockabout is a joy to sail, and has plenty of room for kids, adults and guests. Zephyr was out for what is apt to be one of her last sails of the season last week, but within six months, she will be back at it again.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Super Servant 4- Dockwise Yacht Transport

too big to capture from up close- here is our shadow in November light off Jamestown, R.I.

9 November 2009 Super Servant

BOAT: Super Servant 4
OWNER: Dockwise Yacht Transport
DESIGNER: Wysmuller, Holland
BUILDER: S.H.I. Sumitomo, Japan
YEAR: 1980- extended in Singapore- 1993
HULL: Steel
LENGTH: 556 feet [169 meters]
  Super Servant 4 is one of a fleet of semi submersible ships owned by Dockwise Yacht Transport. This past week Super Servant 4 left Newport with a record load of 50 recreational yachts worth upwards of $41 million dollars. Before the boats were loaded, draftsmen determined the placement of each yacht based upon the weight and volume of each boat, relative to the others. It is a complicated task, which requires accurate teamwork.
 When the ship is submerged, yachts are loaded according to plan as divers with underwater welding equipment attach stands. After the gate is closed and the water pumped out – raising the ship- welders continue to brace everything aboard the ship until it is safe to leave port.
 Despite the recession, the demand for this service has been growing. Newport – due to our extraordinary infrastructure for yachting facilities – is one of a handful of destinations for this unusual international yacht transport service.
 With luck and planning from the Newport shore side team, Dockwise Yacht-Transport will return with a full load next May.

Schooner Alabama- Vineyard Haven MA

Alabama at Bannister's Wharf in Newport, R.I. - home of  the Black Dog store in Newport

26 October 09 Alabama

BOAT: Alabama
OWNER: Robert S. Douglas
DESIGNER: Thomas F. McManus, Boston MA
BUILDER: Pensacola Shipbuilding Co. FL.
LENGTH: 90 feet [27.4 meters]
YEAR: 1926
HULL: Southern Yellow Pine over Oak
 At this point, the Black Dog brand has become famous worldwide. many enjoy the clothing, and its connection to Martha’s Vineyard, few realize that the whole thing started as a means to support a tall ships program.
In 1964, Captain Robert Douglas of Martha’s Vineyard- keen to preserve the maritime history of New England- founded Coastwise Packet Company. First, he designed and built the 108 foot topsail schooner Shenandoah. Two years later, he purchased another schooner retiring from a forty year career as a pilot boat in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Tired, but still stout, Alabama became the second in a fleet of tall ships owned and maintained by the Black Dog Tavern and clothing company.
 Most tall ships require grants and sponsorship to remain active, but Alabama, and Shenandoah, are supported by the Vineyard based tavern, and the various clothing outlets.
Alabama came to Bannister’s Wharf in Newport this past week – open for tours to the public- to support the store on the wharf that supports the ship. Next time you are down on the wharf, check out the store, and ask about the boat.

Peer's Fancy Chester Nova Scotia

Peer's Fancy in Newport Harbor before heading offshore

1 November 2009 Peer’s Fancy

BOAT: Peer’s Fancy
OWNER: Simon Bolt, England
DESIGNER: Don Peer, Hubbards, Nova Scotia
BUILDER: Blue Nose Shipyard, East Chester, Nova Scotia
YEAR: 1974
HULL: Pine on oak
LENGTH: 40 feet [12 meters]
 Designed and largely built by Don Peer for his family, Peer’s Fancy is a smart little schooner- traditional in appearance, stout and seaworthy. After a start as a family yacht in and around the scenic shores of southern Nova Scotia, Peer’s Fancy went on to do some youth sail training in the Lunenburg area.
Under new ownership, the boat was in Newport Harbor for nearly two weeks before leaving for Bermuda and then Saint Martin- just this past week. Her crew, are regularly employed aboard the famous tall ship Bluenose II, but since Bluenose is in the midst of a $14million dollar refit, the folks delivering Peer’s Fancy were free to take on the job of sailing south. They stayed aboard in Newport Harbor performing regular maintenance and touring our city.
 They wanted to take part in the North American Rally to the Caribbean [NARC] which leaves Newport on this Sunday, but due to their relatively slow hull speed, they chose to get an early start. Many of the larger and faster boats will overtake them en route to Bermuda, but once assembled there, it will be easy sailing for all as they head south to the Caribbean.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ocean Watch

Ocean Watch at Bowen's Wharf in Newport before leaving

5 October 2009 Ocean Watch

BOAT: Ocean Watch
OWNER: Ocean Watch
DESIGNER: Bruce Roberts, Severna Park, MD
BUILDER: Custom built in Havre de Grace, MD
YEAR: 1988
LENGTH: 64 feet [19.5 meters]
HULL: 1/4” steel on steel frames
 Originally built to be a rugged cruising yacht, Ocean Watch [ex –Dazantie III] was already working as a research vessel when-after an exhaustive search on both sides of the Atlantic- Captain Mark Schrader and his team found what for them would be the perfect boat for an incredible expedition [see Friday’s Newport Daily News]
 The boat had to be robust enough to withstand the rigors of the Arctic Ocean and Northwest Passage, yet fast enough to traverse large expanses of blue water safely, reliably, and quickly. The double headsail cutter rig consists of a powerful mainsail with three deep reefs, a high clewed jib, a staysail and an asymmetrical spinnaker for off wind sailing. Her underbody configuration is good for pushing through ice, and the steel construction is remarkably tough for a performance boat.
Sitting in the fully enclosed center cockpit gives a feeling of security. The decks feature a no nonsense layout with rugged nonskid. Down below is cozy and warm with full headroom a large shower/bathroom-the galley as big as any studio apartment. Ocean Watch has left Newport bound for Seattle by way of Cape Horn. Track her progress by going to

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazon - Malta

AMAZON in Newport Harbor

28 September 2009 Amazon

BOAT: Amazon
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Dixon Kemp Esq., England
BUILDER: Tankerville Chamberlain, England
LENGTH: 114 feet [34.7 meters]
HULL: 2 1/4 inch old growth Burmese Teak over English Oak with Iron braces
YEAR: 1885!
 Amazon is one of the most exciting and  unusual boats to visit our waters in years. Built by a private citizen as a family steam yacht for English waters during Victorian times, the boat is a true rarity. Her original compound steam plant was obsolete before WWI sparing her compulsory service for both world wars. This is likely what saved her life.
 Her hull- made from the very finest and first cut Burmese Teak is extraordinarily strong. The original steam plant- while providing remarkable torque and speed- used up much of the below deck space- it  was replaced before the current owners took on the boat. As a labor of love, the current family stewards have put the best interests of the boat first.
 Using a combination of sail and extremely economical diesel power, Amazon crossed from the Mediterranean to Bermuda before coming to Newport on Labor Day weekend. She will stay around the bay for a few more weeks before heading south for the winter. If you want to see this incredible piece of history, she will be heading up to the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, this week.

Mongolia- Victory Class- Newport

21 September Mongolia

BOAT: Mongolia
OWNER: Thorpe Leeson
DESIGNER: William Gardiner. New York
BUILDER: Henry Nevins, City Island, N.Y.,_Incorporated
YEAR: 1919
HULL: Cedar on Oak
LENGTH: 31feet 10 inches [9.5 meters]
 After the first World War, prolific yacht designer William Gardner of Larchmont, New York was commissioned to draw a one design class that would revive the sport of sailboat racing. At the same time, the designers and builders at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in Bristol, R.I. had that very idea. The result was two similar classes with followings in different geographical areas.  The Herreshoff class was dubbed the S Class and the Gardner boats were called the Victory Class- several boats of both classes remain today.
Local yacht captain Thorpe Leeson was preparing his Herreshoff S Class for the Tiedemann Regatta in Newport this past July when he realized that he was woefully behind. The boat needed too much work to be ready. With just days to go, Thorpe was poking around on E-Bay and found Mongolia for sale in nearby Warwick, R.I. . On a whim, he bought the boat, worked around the clock to prepare, and ended up taking second place in a regatta that he was otherwise not ready for.
Since then, he has refurbished Mongolia (each Victory Class was named after a theater of war in WW1) and put her up for sale.  Another classic saved.

Lone Fox- Saint Barthelemy

14 Sept 09 Lone Fox

BOAT: Lone Fox
OWNER: Ira Epstein/ Gustavia, St. Barthelemy, FWI
DESIGNER: Robert Clark, England
BUILDER: Alexander Robertson &  Sons, Sandbank, Scotland
YEAR: 1957
LENGTH: 65 feet [19.8 meters]
HULL: Solid teak planking
  Originally built for Colonel William Henry Whitbread- sponsor of the illustrious around the world race that bore his name- Lone Fox is an extraordinary gentleman’s yacht of the finest pedigree.  As owner of the Whitbread Breweries in Scotland, the colonel commissioned esteemed designer Robert Clark to draw a “fast and elegant” yacht.
 The builders- Alexander Robertson & Sons of Sandbank, Scotland had enjoyed a reputation for impeccable quality for over half a century when Colonel Whitbread commissioned Lone Fox. The result is nothing short of sensational.
 Current owner / Captain Ira H. Epstein traces his sailing experience back 50 years to his childhood on Lake Michigan.  He has extensive long distance passage experience, including Cape Hope and the Straits of Magellan.  He spent over 30 years, in the San Francisco Bay area, raising his family while working in the Financial District, prior to buying Lone Fox in 2006, and pursuing his “dream” in St Barth.
 Lone Fox was in Newport this past week in time to witness the incredible 6 Meter World Championships. Her owner and crew were delighted with what they saw in Newport and plan to return soon.

J-Class Sloop, Hanuman

27 July 2009 Hanuman J-boat

BOAT: Hanuman
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNERS: Charles Nicholson/ Dykstra & Partners
BUILDER: Royal Huissman Shipyard. Apeldoorn, Netherlands
LENGTH: 138 feet [42.09 meters]
YEAR: 2009
HULL: Alustar Aluminum Alloy
 Back in 1937 “Endeavour II” was built in steel at the Nicholson’s Yard [Gosport, England] to challenge the defending yacht Ranger, in the America’s Cup Race that year. Time and events [such as WWII ] took their toll on these incredible yachts and before long both boats were gone- alive as legends, but with no physical presence.
 Known as “super Js “ these boats were arguably the two most spectacular yachts in the history of racing. Their legend was so powerful, that it prompted two owners to recreate the boats.
 History was made on Friday, 17 July, when the replicas of both Ranger and Endeavour II [Hanuman] lined up together for the first time since their historic match in 1937. This time, however, things turned out differently. Hanuman [aka Endeavour II] beat what was the American defender Ranger. Had this happened in 1937, Newport would be a very different place now.
 Thanks to the owners of these magnificent yachts, and the organizers of The Newport Bucket Regatta- Newport Shipyard- these remarkable boats can be seen just by going down to Washington Street and walking into the yard. Go to Belle’s Café, have a meal, and view history.

Quintessence- Jamestown

24 August 2009 Quintessence

 BOAT: Quintessence
OWNERS: Nancy &  Don Miller. Jamestown, R.I.
DESIGNER: Robert H. Perry, Tulalip, WA
BUILDER: Nordic Yachts, Bellingham, WAm
LENGTH: 44 feet [13.4 meters]
HULL:  Solid Fiberglass with a cored deck
YEAR: 1981
 Designed and constructed as performance cruising yachts the Nordic 44 and smaller sister- the Nordic 40 were drawn by noted designer Robert Perry. While the design and construction techniques are almost 30 years old, the quality has aged like fine wine. The passage of time has only served to validate these exceptional yachts.
 Back in 1999, Nancy & Don Miller of Jamestown found Quintessence in Los Angeles- fell in love- and had her trucked back to Jamestown. Don has a 100 ton U.S.C.G. license. Besides enjoying all that Quintessence had to offer as a cruising boat, the couple also started a small [6 persons and under] charter business.
 Since then, Quintessence has enjoyed more than 200 charters. Don is also a photographer and his clients- ranging from international bankers to starving artists- have enjoyed wonderful sailing as well as memorable photographs.
When not underway, Quintessence lies on her mooring in Dutch Harbor on the quiet western side of Jamestown.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spartina- Jamestown, R.I.

29 June 09 Spartina
BOAT: Spartina
OWNER: Mike Power, Jamestown
DESIGNER & BUILDER: Palmer Scott, New Bedford, MA
LENGTH: 26 feet [7.9 meters]
YEAR: 1953
HULL: Fiberglass
 As the Block Island Race Week place in the rain off our shores, the folks at Clark Boat Yard in Jamestown hard at work inside their shed. They are restoring an erstwhile navy launch that is arguably one of the first fiberglass boats ever built.
Established in 1935, the Palmer Scott yard burned to the ground in 1936. Undaunted, the owners relocated and began building extraordinary wooden yachts noted for such things as spiral staircases and hand carved mahogany tillers. This went on until WWII when all production switched over to military needs. After the war, demand for gorgeous wooden yachts was slow. Approached by a chemist with a radical new idea- fiberglass hull construction- the company took off in a new direction. They built a “male” mold for Spartina and pioneered what has become standard practice today- vacuum bagging. The result, is a hull that is smoother on the inside than outside, and it is very thick and strong.
At 56 years old, this early attempt at molded construction is alive and well, receiving full attention as the rain continues to prevent outside work.

America- Trumpy- Sag Harbor, N.Y.

22 June 2009 America

BOAT: America
OWNER: Ted Conklin/ The American Hotel, Sag Harbor, N.Y.
DESIGNER: John Trumpy & Sons
BUILDER: Trumpy Yachts, Annapolis, MD
LENGTH: 75 feet [22.8 meters]
YEAR: 1965
HULL: Double planked mahogany on oak frames with bronze fastenings
 John Trumpy Sr. was just 23 years old when he came to America from Germany around the time of WW1. Trained as a naval architect, he found work with the Mathis Yacht Company in Camden, N.J. where he created over 50 yachts for renown customers such as the Guggenheim, Dodge, and Chrysler families. Later, he opened up his own yard, first in Gloucester, N.J. and then in Annapolis, MD.
 In 1925, Trumpy drafted plans for Sequoia- the 104 foot [31 meter] Presidential Yacht that made history with presidents from Hoover to Bush.
 Always synonymous with quality and prestige, Trumpy Yachts are considered to be the Rolls Royce of motor yachts. They have achieved near legendary status over time, and America is upholding that tradition by partnering with one our nation’s great landmark hotels- The American Hotel in Sag Harbor, N.Y..
 America is visiting Newport this week to take part in the Newport Charter Show at the Yachting Center on Thames Street.

Highland Fling


10 August 2009 Highland Fling

BOAT: Highland Fling
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Reichel-Pugh San Diego, CA
BUILDER: Goetz Custom Technologies, Bristol, R.I.
YEAR: 2009
LENGTH: 82 feet [25 meters]
HULL: Carbon composite
 As if to prove that the coolest and best boats in the whole world come from Rhode Island, Highland Fling has arrived – “hot off the press” to compete in the Ida Lewis Distance Race starting Friday, 21 August 2009.
 Highland Fling is a high tech racing machine- built in Bristol by Goetz, and rigged in Portsmouth by Southern Spars. Both companies employ local workers and family owned businesses.
 The carbon weave of Highland Fling’s hull is impregnated with resin that is seven parts clear and one part blue. The effect is scintillating- making an already racy boat look dazzling. A challenge to Tom Hill’s new 75 foot [22.8 meter] “Titan XV” has been issued and if all goes well, a battle involving “Titan XV” “Highland Fling” and George David’s 90 foot [28 meter] will play out in the waters south of Newport later this month.
 In the meantime, the keel is getting fitted at Newport Shipyard, on Washington Street. It is possible to see Highland Fling and several other remarkable yachts just by visiting the yard, and perhaps enjoying a meal at Belle’s Café – overlooking the water at the shipyard.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Heritage 12 metre

15 June 09 Heritage

BOAT: Heritage
OWNER: 12 Metre Charters, Newport
DESIGNER: Charley Morgan, St. Petersburg FL
BUILDER: Morgan Yachts, St. Petersburg, FL
YEAR: 1970
LENGTH: 63 feet[19.2 meters]
HULL: Double planked, sitka spruce and cedar over alternating frames of ash and laminated fir
 HISTORY: In 1970, the colorful Charley Morgan took on a monumental task. Alone, he designed, built, made sails for, and skippered his own America’s Cup campaign. His boat-Heritage [12 Meter US –23] was “an outsider from the south” – he sailed her from St. Petersburg, FL on her own bottom to compete against four other America’s Cup competitors. After a successful start, Heritage lost the defense to Intrepid, but the story does not end there.
 Converted to an ocean racer, Heritage went on to campaign in races throughout the East Coast and in the Great Lakes. During the 1980’s Heritage met up again with her old rival Intrepid on the Great Lakes and avenged her previous America’s Cup defeat- winning the prestigious Chicago Mackinac  Race in both  1983 and 1984.
Next, Heritage went on to compete in her second Antigua Race Week before transiting the Panama Canal and going to California.  In 1990 Heritage was purchased by her current owner and brought back to New England. She is now a part of the vibrant 12 Meter Charter and racing scene here in Newport. Look for Heritage to join the rest of the 12 Meter fleet for the 12 Metre World Championships coming to Newport this September.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stingray- Newport

17 August 2009 Stingray
BOAT: Stingray
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: C. Raymond Hunt and Associates
BUILDER: Wharton Shipyard, Jamestown, R.I.
LENGTH: 55 feet [16.7 meters]
HULL: Double & triple diagonally planked Honduras mahogany with an epoxy matrix skin
YEAR: 1964
 This remarkable boat has a special and significant history both locally and to the world. The deep Vee hull used in this one of a kind luxury, high speed, ocean yacht laid the groundwork for thousands of boats to follow.
The owner of the largest business in Jamestown- Bill Munger of Conanicut Marine Services in Jamestown, worked on this boat as a kid at the Wharton Yard [now Jamestown Boat Yard] when the boat was under construction in 1964. At that time, both the design and construction were revolutionary. Names such as Bertram, Boston Whaler, and Surf Hunter descend from this one of a kind yacht.
 After a long stint in Florida and an extensive restoration involving over 27,000 man hours, Stingray is back in our area and she is for sale. The Newport based worldwide yacht brokerage Northrup & Johnson has her listed. She needs some work to be perfect, but after that, her next owner will have a truly unique, elegant, and capable yacht.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Godspeed- Hunt 52

3 August 2009 Godspeed Hunt 52

BOAT:  Godspeed
OWNERS: Bob Price; Judith Funderburk
DESIGNERS: C. Raymond Hunt and Associates New Bedford, MA
BUILDER: Global Yacht Building, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
LENGTH: 52 feet [15.8 meters]
YEAR: 2009
HULL: Vinylester infused foam cored laminate with composite stringers
 Appreciated by boating enthusiasts around the world, the preeminent designs of Raymond Hunt have become legendary. Godspeed is hull number one in a new series of large yachts by the design firm that bears Hunt’s name.
 The Hunt 52 is a departure from the hundreds of locally built sea kindly boats in the 20-30 foot range that were, and continue to be the foundation of the company. The new big boat is a response to customer demand.
 The new Hunt 52 offers classic lines and a large motor yacht feel with the seamless integration of a single level deck. A powered sunroof with opening side windows makes the salon feel spacious and airy.
 The gently curved reverse transom disguises a cleverly designed dingy garage that contains yet another Hunt designed boat.
 A trip down the Burma Road along Aquidneck Island’s west shore will lead you to the offices of Hunt Yachts. It is possible to learn about all of the Hunt Yachts and have a nice meal at the Marina Grille the same time.

Carol Ann - Boston Whaler

20 July 2009 Carol Ann BW

BOAT: Carol Ann
OWNER: Norman Kaplan, Newport
DESIGNER: C. Raymond Hunt, Richard Fischer
BUILDER: Boston Whaler, Edgewater, FL
LENGTH: 13 feet [3.96 meters]
YEAR: 1986
HULL:" Unibond” foam filled skin
In the early 1900’s Canadian and Harvard graduate William Albert Hickman, [1878-1957] designed a boat that became the basis for one of the most popular boats in the world today. In 1958, the Hickman Sea Sled inspired designer Raymond Hunt, and hobbyist, Richard Fischer to experiment with a new technology. At that time, a boat made out of a foam filled skin was brand new. Hunt and Fisher started playing with different designs. Before long an overnight legend was born. With over 70,000 boats sold, the Boston Whaler 13 has become iconic.
In 1961, Life Magazine ran a photo of Richard Fischer sitting in one of his boats as it was sawed in half!  Later, stories about the boats supporting 10 people even after taking 1,000 rounds of automatic weapon fire became public. Hunt’s “cathedral hull” and Fischer’s foam filled skin became the triumph of the boating world.
In 1986, Norm Kaplan bought a new Boston Whaler to work as a part of the rental fleet for Adventure Watersports, located on Long Wharf in Newport. Since then, the boat has made 75-100 trips per season. It has out lasted three motors, and can be rented today by anyone interested in seeing Newport Harbor.

Sputnik- Albin 28- Tiverton R.I.

6 July 2009 Sputnik

BOAT: Sputnik
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Terry Compton, Fall River, MA
BUILDER: Albin Marine, Portsmouth, R.I.
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.5 meters]
HULL: Cored Fiberglass
 YEAR: 2009
 While the history of Albin Marine goes back 110 years to its roots in Sweden, the company has distinct ties to Newport County. Founded in 1899, as a manufacturer of marine engines, Albin built its first boat in 1929. They entered the U.S. market in 1966 and established a reputation for rugged quality seaworthy boats.
Terrance Compton- a prolific designer of many production catamarans drew the lines for the Albin 28. The idea was to create a solid, seaworthy boat that could be used to fish, cruise, and comfortably accommodate the operator.
 Standish Boat Yard in Tiverton- already an industry leader in sales for Cape Dory boats- soon became the nation’s number one dealer for sales and service of Albin boats. From their location on the Sakonnet River, in Tiverton, the family owned and operated boat yard continues to be the premier destination for Albin boats.
 Sputnik- built in 2009- is the most recent Albin boat. The experts at Standish have made many modifications, and rumor has it that some Albins might  soon be built in Portsmouth- if all goes well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brand New Day- J-65- Newport, R.I.

8 June 2009 Brand New Day

BOAT: Brand New Day
OWNER: Jim Madden
DESIGNER: Rod Johnstone, Stonington, CT
 BUILDER: Tillotson- Pearson Industries, Warren, R.I.
YEAR: 2006
 HULL: End grain balsa core with Fiberglass outer layers
LENGTH: 65 feet [19.8 meters]
 How would you like to travel around the world in luxury and style using just the power of the wind? Such is the concept behind the design of the locally made J65.  “Brand New Day” [hull number two of the J65 series] is a thoroughbred open ocean cruiser. She has returned Newport for the summer, but won’t sit still for long.
 This is a boat that likes to get out and “stretch her legs”. The J65 is a powerful elegant sailing yacht that offers easy handling, luxurious accommodation and superb performance. She is arguably the most luxurious J boat ever built. With a boat like this, a house is an option- not a necessity.  The kitchen [called a galley on boats] is nicer than what is found in most New York apartments. The living quarters offer all of the comforts of home, yet it all fits inside of a near racing machine. Brand New Day is the kind of boat that inspires daydreams and visions of far away places.