Sunday, October 12, 2014

Scoot-New Engand Boatworks 55

Scoot on her first test sail in Narragansett Bat

23 November 2009 Scoot

BOAT: Scoot
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Nelson/Marek Yacht Designs, San Diego, CA
BUILDER: New England Boatworks, Portsmouth, R.I.
YEAR: 2009
LENGTH: 55 feet [16.7 meters]
HULL: Pre impregnated carbon/epoxy with a Nomex high density foam core
 The term “high tech” comes to mind when considering this latest launch from New England Boatworks [NEB] in Portsmouth. Designed by Nelson Marek, engineered by High Modulus International, and built by the talented staff at NEB, Scoot is a state of the art day sailor/racer.
The design is sent electronically from design office to builder in a zip file. That information gets transformed into a mold by way of a computer guided router and careful assembly of the precisely cut components. The hull is laid up in a way that is similar to the B2 Stealth Bomber. The whole thing is meticulously set up, vacuum bagged, and slowly baked in a special oven.
 Experienced sailors, and yacht connoisseurs from around the world choose Rhode Island builders when commissioning a new yacht, because of our outstanding expertise and service. The global recession has hit hard, but with luck, and perseverance, our industry will continue to thrive.
 The builders at NEB possess a rare talent that seems to be marketable despite desperate financial times. Here’s to the future of high tech yachting and all of its ties to Rhode Island!

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