Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leilani at Mount Hope Boatworks in Newport, RI  February 2010

8 Feb 2010 Leilani

BOAT: Leilani
OWNER: Alain
DESIGNER: George Lawley & Sons, South Boston, MA
BUILDER: George Lawley & Sons, South Boston, MA
LENGTH: 50 feet [15.25 meters]
HULL: Southern Yellow Pine over Oak
YEAR: 1903
 Some of the graduates of I.Y.R.S. -the International Yacht Restoration School- located in Newport didn’t have to go far to find work. With their newly developed skills, they started work right away at Mount Hope Boatworks, also in Newport.  Built in 1903 at the Lawley yard in South Boston, Leilani is a true classic with a venerated pedigree. She lived for many years in Brooklyn, N.Y. spending summers sailing on Sheepshead Bay, and racing around Manhattan. Her new owner intended to take her across to Europe but was sidelined into Newport with engine trouble- that’s when the “fun” started.
 Various experts warned that a trip across the Atlantic could be fatal without certain repairs. Before long it was determined that Newport would be the best place to have Leilani restored.
At present, Leilani is completely pulled apart but turning the corner. When completed, the boat will be as good as or better than new. The level of skill and talent for such things in Newport is second to none.
 A video of Leilani’s mast taking a ride down Broadway, stopping traffic, and moving into Oldport Marine Service’s barn on Sherman Street can be seen this week at

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  1. Can you give me any update if the leilani is back in water and was she crossing the atlantic