Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phoenix at the Newport Shipyard -  January 2010

25 January 2010 Phoenix

BOAT: Phoenix
OWNER: Downeast Marine Resources, Castine, ME http://www.dmrinc.us/
DESIGNER/BUILDER: Davie Yard Inc., Levis, Quebec http://www.davie.ca/
YEAR: 1972
HULL: Steel
LENGTH: 130 feet [39.6 meters]
 Located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River opposite the United Nations UNESCO World Heritage City of Quebec, the Davie Shipyard has been in continuous operation for over 185 years!
Originally builders of ocean going square rigged sailing vessels, Davie Yard also built boats for up river and Great Lakes exploration. Following the myriad changes of history, the yard has morphed into a modern builder of fishing, military, and industrial ships.
 Built in the early 1970s for offshore fishing, Phoenix- after a hard career spanning more than three decades- was the beneficiary of a multimillion dollar refit into a private yacht in 2008.  It seems that no expense was spared. The vessel was fitted with every mechanical system and creature comfort imaginable.
Purchased recently by Downeast Marine Resources, Phoenix made a brief stop at the Newport Shipyard. The boat is now a luxurious private platform for scientific research.
With side scanning SONAR, bottom mapping capabilities, a full on board laboratory, and submersible vehicle launching gear, Phoenix will come in handy when offshore wind companies commence initial operations in Rhode Island waters.

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