Saturday, October 11, 2014

Elizabeth Storm-Riviera 51- Pompano Beach, FL

On a stopover for fuel,at Goat Island Marina in Newport, RI , Elizabeth Storm  was running from icy conditions

19 Jan 2009 Elizabeth Storm

BOAT: Elizabeth Storm
OWNER: Save the Water
LENGTH: 51 feet [15 meters]
YEAR: 2005
DESIGNER: Frank Mulder, Benschop, Holland
BUILDER: Riviera Boats,  Coomera, Queensland, Australia
HULL: Infusion molded fiberglass
 Riviera Boats is the largest luxury boat builder in Australia and a major player in the global marine industry. From their state of the art manufacturing facility in Coomera, Queensland - the biggest in the southern hemisphere- they produce luxury boats from 33 to 70 feet.
 Designer Frank Mulder is known in mega yacht circles for designs that have been implemented in yachts costing well into the millions. The combination of Mulder and Riviera is one of quality an expertise.
 Captains Richard Gosier and Scott Malison are off on an adventure this week. They are taking Elizabeth Storm down to Florida staying close to shore and sprinting port to port between storm systems. They left Fall River just as chunks of ice started flowing down the Taunton River. Stopping in Newport for fuel and overnight dockage, the pair took time out to give an interview to the Daily News before taking off.
 By the time that you read this,  Elizabeth Storm should be slowly motoring down the intracoastal waterway towards her winter home in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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