Saturday, October 11, 2014

Zephyr-Stuart Knockabout- Jamestown, R.I.

Zephyr out sailing on a splendid November day on Narragansett bay, R.I.

16 November 09 Zephyr

BOAT: Zephyr
OWNER: The Frary family, Jamestown
DESIGNER: L. Francis Herreshoff, Bristol, R.I.-1932
BUILDER: Edey and Duff, Mattapoisett, MA
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.5 meters]
YEAR: 2003
HULL: Foam/ fiberglass sandwich
Zephyr is one of a series of boats referred to as a Stuart Knockabout. The Knockabouts are a modern interpretation of a classic design. Made locally by respected boat builders Edey and Duff, the boats fuse modern materials with the style and elegance of earlier times. 
By all accounts, the Bristol based L. Francis Herreshoff was a design genius. He was partial to shallow draft designs with relatively long waterlines. In his day, wood and canvas were the only available materials.  He would be impressed if he could see his design as made today- using materials that allow the weight to be concentrated down in the keel, the hull to be stiff, and the rig to be light. Perhaps he would be even more impressed to see how much the Frary family enjoys their boat.
 Nimble and fast, the Stuart Knockabout is a joy to sail, and has plenty of room for kids, adults and guests. Zephyr was out for what is apt to be one of her last sails of the season last week, but within six months, she will be back at it again.

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