Saturday, November 22, 2014

could not find the original image taken in Newport- please forgive- got this one on line

22 March 2010 Moneypenny

BOAT: Moneypenny
OWNER: Jim Swartz, Edgartown, MA
DESIGNER: German Frers, Buenos Aeries, Argentina
BUILDER: Nautor Swan, Pietarsaari, Finland
LENGTH: 60 feet [18.2 meters]
YEAR: 2005
HULL: Pre preg Carbon Fiber
 Moneypenny is one of a series of high performance racing yachts built by the legendary Nautor Swan of Finland. The first five of the all carbon one design yachts were snapped up at the plan stage before a single one had been popped from their molds at Nautor’s new high science composite building facility in Finland. Hull, deck, framing, mast, chain plates, winch bases, and even steering wheels are made from the “black gold” of pre impregnated molded and baked carbon fiber. The material is not only stiffer, but offers a 30% weight savings when compared to standard fiberglass construction.
 With the interior removed, the 601 is a thoroughbred racing machine- Moneypenny spent the first three years of her life in this role. With the interior reinstalled, the 601 is a fast ocean going cruising yacht with the world as her playground- that has characterized the past two years for Monneypenny.
Now, after spending the winter indoors at the LMI building in Portsmouth, Moneypenny has been launched, commissioned, and prepared for departure to Saint Barthelemy. She will take part in the first annual Voiles de Saint Barth Regatta. She left the Newport Shipyard bound for Saint Barth’s last week.

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