Saturday, November 1, 2014

The RAM I 850 Spyder "street parking" in Jamestown, Rhode Island, after a sea trial ~ October 2009

19 October 2009 RAM1

BOAT: Ram 1 850 Spyder
OWNER: Reflex Advanced Marine, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
DESIGNER: Ian Taylor, Ontario, Canada
YEAR: 2009
HULL: Fiberglass with inflatable airtight compartments
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.53 meters]
Formed in 1993 by Master boat designer/ builder Ian Taylor, RAM started out as a research & development company. The revolutionary new hull design is not a catamaran or a trimaran, but rather a hybrid. The hull actually mixes air into the water as it moves so that the boat rides atop a spray of air and water. This greatly reduces friction and increases efficiency. A boat of this size might normally carry a pair of 225 HP outboards to achieve the performance standards of this boat. Instead, and due to the patented RAM Design the boat uses two 120 HP outboards which means half the power and even less fuel!
  The hull concept has many applications from recreational to commercial transport to military uses. A look at their web site will give an idea of the many uses for this extraordinary new technology.
Jamestown resident Jim Mattingly is head of U.S. sales for the RAM line, and he is very busy indeed. The future for this new technology is bright, and very much connected to Newport County.

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