Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hunt Harrier at home in Portsmouth Rhode Island

8 March 2010 Hunt Harrier

BOAT: Hull # 78- not yet named
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: C. Raymond Hunt, New Bedford, MA http://www.huntdesigns.com/
BUILDER: Hunt Yachts, Portsmouth, R.I. http://www.huntyachts.com/
LENGTH: 25 feet [7.62 meters]
HULL: E glass with divinycell foam core
 The Hunt Harrier is the quintessential ocean going day boat. The design is the modern day descendent of a long line of revolutionary offshore powerboats.
C. Raymond Hunt has credentials in the yachting world that are nothing short of legendary. Icons such as the Concordia Yawl, the Boston Whaler, and the 110 and 210 classes of planning keelboats are well known throughout the world, but the deep Vee offshore racing hulls are what led to the Harrier 25.
Originally developed for the Miami to Nassau race in the late 1950’s the “ Mopie” series of high dead rise deep vee hulls has been refined and modified to the point where the Harrier 25 is literally without comparison in today’s small boat market.
 That the boats are hand made from the finest materials by expert craftsmen right here in Newport County is perhaps least important to buyers from around the world- they are in it for the quality of design and build. For us, it means jobs.
The Hunt yachts manufacturing facility is located at the Bend Boat Basin in Portsmouth- learn more by visiting Huntdesigns.com.

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