Tuesday, October 7, 2014

America- Trumpy- Sag Harbor, N.Y.

22 June 2009 America

BOAT: America
OWNER: Ted Conklin/ The American Hotel, Sag Harbor, N.Y.  http://www.theamericanhotel.com/
DESIGNER: John Trumpy & Sons  http://trumpyyachts.org/
BUILDER: Trumpy Yachts, Annapolis, MD  http://www.mathisyachtbuildingcompany.com/
LENGTH: 75 feet [22.8 meters]
YEAR: 1965
HULL: Double planked mahogany on oak frames with bronze fastenings
 John Trumpy Sr. was just 23 years old when he came to America from Germany around the time of WW1. Trained as a naval architect, he found work with the Mathis Yacht Company in Camden, N.J. where he created over 50 yachts for renown customers such as the Guggenheim, Dodge, and Chrysler families. Later, he opened up his own yard, first in Gloucester, N.J. and then in Annapolis, MD.
 In 1925, Trumpy drafted plans for Sequoia- the 104 foot [31 meter] Presidential Yacht that made history with presidents from Hoover to Bush.
 Always synonymous with quality and prestige, Trumpy Yachts are considered to be the Rolls Royce of motor yachts. They have achieved near legendary status over time, and America is upholding that tradition by partnering with one our nation’s great landmark hotels- The American Hotel in Sag Harbor, N.Y..
 America is visiting Newport this week to take part in the Newport Charter Show at the Yachting Center on Thames Street.

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