Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another beautiful restoration under ideal conditions at the International Yacht Restoration School [IYRS]
15 march IYRS Chris Craft

BOAT: not yet named
OWNER: The International Yacht Restoration School [IYRS]
DESIGNER: Chris Smith, Algonac, Michigan
BUILDER: Chris Craft Corporation, Algonac, Michigan
YEAR: 1939
LENGTH: 15.5 feet [ 4.72 meters]
HULL: Philippine Mahogany

 The 15.5 foot Deluxe runabout was one of the most resilient models in the Chris Craft lineup. Spanning from the early 1930’s well into the post WWII years, this small yet speedy boat made its way into lakes and harbors from coast to coast across the U.S.A.. As is the case with all wooden boats, the enemy of time takes its toll.
This boat (with no name because the transom was rotted away) came to the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) as a donation in need of total restoration. The students at the IYRS campus on Thames Street have responded by completely rebuilding this beautiful classic to the point where the boat is actually better than when she was new.
Planks, frames, decking, and transom have been completely renewed or restored. Upon completion, the boat will be sold,- the proceeds going to fund further restorations of other boats. As this goes on right here in our city, newly minted yacht restoration experts leave the IYRS campus to begin careers across the country and beyond.
Stop by the IRYS campus on Thames Street to see this and several other restorations in progress.

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