Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazon - Malta

AMAZON in Newport Harbor

28 September 2009 Amazon

BOAT: Amazon
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Dixon Kemp Esq., England
BUILDER: Tankerville Chamberlain, England
LENGTH: 114 feet [34.7 meters]
HULL: 2 1/4 inch old growth Burmese Teak over English Oak with Iron braces
YEAR: 1885!
 Amazon is one of the most exciting and  unusual boats to visit our waters in years. Built by a private citizen as a family steam yacht for English waters during Victorian times, the boat is a true rarity. Her original compound steam plant was obsolete before WWI sparing her compulsory service for both world wars. This is likely what saved her life.
 Her hull- made from the very finest and first cut Burmese Teak is extraordinarily strong. The original steam plant- while providing remarkable torque and speed- used up much of the below deck space- it  was replaced before the current owners took on the boat. As a labor of love, the current family stewards have put the best interests of the boat first.
 Using a combination of sail and extremely economical diesel power, Amazon crossed from the Mediterranean to Bermuda before coming to Newport on Labor Day weekend. She will stay around the bay for a few more weeks before heading south for the winter. If you want to see this incredible piece of history, she will be heading up to the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, this week.

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