Friday, October 3, 2014

Carol Ann - Boston Whaler

20 July 2009 Carol Ann BW

BOAT: Carol Ann
OWNER: Norman Kaplan, Newport
DESIGNER: C. Raymond Hunt, Richard Fischer
BUILDER: Boston Whaler, Edgewater, FL
LENGTH: 13 feet [3.96 meters]
YEAR: 1986
HULL:" Unibond” foam filled skin
In the early 1900’s Canadian and Harvard graduate William Albert Hickman, [1878-1957] designed a boat that became the basis for one of the most popular boats in the world today. In 1958, the Hickman Sea Sled inspired designer Raymond Hunt, and hobbyist, Richard Fischer to experiment with a new technology. At that time, a boat made out of a foam filled skin was brand new. Hunt and Fisher started playing with different designs. Before long an overnight legend was born. With over 70,000 boats sold, the Boston Whaler 13 has become iconic.
In 1961, Life Magazine ran a photo of Richard Fischer sitting in one of his boats as it was sawed in half!  Later, stories about the boats supporting 10 people even after taking 1,000 rounds of automatic weapon fire became public. Hunt’s “cathedral hull” and Fischer’s foam filled skin became the triumph of the boating world.
In 1986, Norm Kaplan bought a new Boston Whaler to work as a part of the rental fleet for Adventure Watersports, located on Long Wharf in Newport. Since then, the boat has made 75-100 trips per season. It has out lasted three motors, and can be rented today by anyone interested in seeing Newport Harbor.

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