Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can Do II- Oldport Launch- Newport, R.I.

9 March 09 Can Do II

OWNER: Oldport Marine Services, Newport http://www.oldportmarine.com/
DESIGNER: unknown (possibly Bill Tripp) http://www.trippdesign.net/#/
BUILDER: Marscott Plastics, New Bedford, MA
YEAR: mid 1950s
LENGTH: 22 feet [6.7 meters]
HULL: early fiberglass
Marscott Plastics of New Bedford, MA was one of the pioneers of fiberglass boat construction. Unsure of the new material’s properties, the first builders sometimes used wooden reinforcements, and often “overbuilt” the hulls. Can Do II is a prime example of this.
Lying derelict behind a shed in the late 1980s Can Do II caught the eye of Mike Muessel of Oldport Marine Services. Mike’s offer to buy the hull for $200 was rejected by the owner who countered with one of $150! The sale took place and work began.
The “boat’s” rotting frames were stripped away until all that remained was a fiberglass skin. New frames were molded in. Decks and consoles were installed and engine beds fashioned. Hydraulic, mechanical, steering, and electrical systems were designed and installed bay the experts at Oldport Marine Services.
Nowadays, Can Do II is something of a Newport harbor icon. She fully commissioned and floating year ‘round ready to perform any number of tasks.

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