Tuesday, May 19, 2009

27 April 09 BSBW Bertram

BOAT: Fred
OWNER: Ryder Stahl
DESIGNER: C. Raymond Hunt, New Bedford, MA http://www.huntdesigns.com/
BUILDER: Bertram Yachts, Miami, FL http://www.bertram.com/
LENGTH: 25 feet [7.6 meters]
YEAR: 1965
HULL: Fiberglass
Forty-two years is a long time in the boating world. Fiberglass was a new material in 1965, but Bertram Yachts have always produced superior quality yachts. Just the same, Fred was tired- not dead- upon arrival at Brewer Street Boat Works, on Conell Highway in Newport. The original plan was to do some basic repairs, but as is common with such things, one thing led to another. Over the course of what became a first class restoration by the experts at Brewer Street Boat Works, http://www.bsbw.com/ two more classic Bertram yachts came in.
Current owner Ryder Stahl bought Fred form the original owner in 2007. The boat was 42 years old at that point. New fuel tanks, new electronics, a new motor and countless other improvements took just enough time to allow for this remarkable photo. Over the winter, two other Bertram yachts came in for restoration, and on this day just last week, all three boats were ready for delivery. The crew stands proud in front of their accomplishments.

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