Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 May 2009 Aslan

BOAT: Aslan
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: German Frers, Buenos Aires, Argentina http://www.germanfrers.com/
BUILDER: Nautor Swan OY, Pietersaari, Finland http://www.nautorswan.com/en/
LENGTH: 53 feet [16 meters]
HULL: Solid Fiberglass
YEAR: 1990
Exactly one year ago, this very boat was featured in this column as a new arrival that had been trucked over land from Ohio to Jamestown Boatyard as a restoration project. Named Jaeger, and the victim of a lightning strike, Aslan is now like a new boat.
Jamestown Boat Yard has found its niche in the boating world as specialists in Swan Yachts. Their technicians have -on several occasions -been to the Swan factory in Pietersaari, Finland for training. By focusing on the specifics of these unusual yachts, “J.B.Y.” has carved out a reputation as a destination shop for Swan owners from around the world.
Aslan – the new name for the restored Jaeger- is now a fully refurbished lion of the sea. The name, which relates to the central character in The Chronicles of Namia- a series of novels by C.S. Lewis is appropriate to a boat with such seagoing prowess.
Aslan’s new owners plan to use the boat as a summer home based in Maine for the time being. With such a boat, they can- at anytime- take off and cross an ocean if they desire.

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