Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honey-Oysterboat-Jamestown, R.I.

16 February 09 Honey

BOAT: Honey
OWNER: William Geib, Jamestown,
BUILDER: Repco, Gouldsboro, Maine
DESIGNER: William Geib, Jamestown
YEAR: 1978
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.5 meters]
While Repco of Maine is long gone, many of their solid fiberglass hulls remain. As “Honey” was being built, the workers could have never imagined what their creation would eventually become. Only Bill Geib of Jamestown, a retired truck driver and altruistic visionary could have come up with the modifications that led to the present day “Honey”.
As the owner of Great Creek Shellfish Farm, located in the bay near the historic Watson Farm in Jamestown, Bill needed a stable platform that no normal boat could offer. Over the course of 3 years, Bill transformed a single hull into a purpose built work boat that is like no other.
The needs of an oyster farmer are specific. A stable platform is critical to an efficient harvest. It takes three to four growing seasons to bring the tiny spats to market size. During that time, the bivalves will filter thousands of gallons of water and build shells several inches long. Oysters are an important part of our ecology and diet. “Honey” plays an important part in bringing oysters to our table.
In coming years sustainable aquaculture will have a growing role in our economy and future. “Honey” spends winters at Fort Getty in Jamestown.

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