Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zodiac Pro 20-LRSE- Poertsmouth, R.I.

23 Feb o9 Zodiac Pro 20

BOAT: Pro 20
OWNER: Life Raft and Survival Equipment, Portsmouth
BUILDER: Zodiac Boats, France
LENGTH: 28 feet [8.53 meters]
HULL: Fiberglass with PVC “Shark” fabric
Founded in 1896 by Maurice Mallet, the Zodiac Company got its start as an aeronautical firm making dirigibles. They went into aircraft manufacture after WWI and invented the inflatable boat during the 1930s. Today they are a publicly traded company with interests in technology, airline equipment and of course boats.
From its very first days, the inflatable boat was a commercial success. Made famous by the television series Undersea World by Jacques Cousteau the name Zodiac became synonymous with inflatable boats. Soon rigid fiberglass hulls were used to stiffen hull tubes making possible ever larger boats.
Pro 20 is a twenty man center console boat suitable for recreational or commercial use. Worldwide, such boats are used by harbor masters, yacht clubs, and larger boats as tenders. One advantage of these boats is low weight and high capacity. It keeps fuel consumption down yet allows for high speeds and a dry ride.
First opened in 1983, Life Raft and Survival Equipment is the regional dealer and authorized repair facility for Zodiac boats. With 14 full time employees, they are a welcome part of Newport County’s marine related economy.

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