Tuesday, May 19, 2009

30 march 2009 Airlie

BOAT: Airlie
OWNER: James A. M. Johnston/ lives aboard
DESIGNER: Stanley Mason
BUILDER: S.C. Mason Boatyard Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia
LENGTH: 45 feet [13.7 meters]
HULL: White pine on oak
YEAR: 1929
For many, 1929 was the beginning of the Great Depression, but for Airlie, it was the start of her life. Originally built as a sword fishing boat, by the name of Green Bow II, Airlie is one of the last Tancook Schooners built. After 20 years of hard fishing, the boat underwent a rebuild and alteration by Howard Stanley- son of the original builder. The conversion made the boat more appealing as a racing yacht. The Duke of Airlie in Scotland bought the boat and named her after the fiefdom. After many years of racing, Airlie changed owners several times. Again in 1995 and 2007 the hull was totally rebuilt at the Gifford Island boatyard of Clarence R. Heisler and Son, Indian Point, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.
Current owner James Johnston, has plans to race Airlie in the various schooner races held in Maine and Eastern Canada this summer, After that he plans to go down to the Chesapeake Bay Schooner races this fall. The boat can be seen at Bannister’s Wharf in Newport until May.

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