Thursday, May 28, 2009

Schooner Elenora

26 January 09 Eleonora

BOAT: Eleonora
OWNER: Anonymous
DESIGNER: Nathanial Greene Herreshoff, Bristol R.I.
BUILDER: Van der Graff Shipyard, Holland
YEAR: 2000
HULL: Steel
LENGTH: 162 feet [49 meters]
Eleonora is an exact replica of the schooner Westward, which was hull number 692 launched at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co., Bristol, RI. in 1910. Nat Herreshoff a.k.a. “the wizard of Bristol” designed all six of the successful America’s Cup defenders from 1893 to 1923. He is widely considered as one of history’s most impressive yacht designers. Westward was the fastest schooner in the world for many years, and nearly 100 years later, her twin Eleonora is in Newport Harbor finishing an extensive refit at the Newport Shipyard.
Despite freezing temperatures and short days, the folks at Newport Shipyard together with workers from several local businesses have put in long hours to prepare Eleonora for her departure to the Caribbean next week. Conditions offshore are cold and violent, but Eleonora is more of a ship than a boat, and she will eat up the miles between here and the warmth of Bermuda in a matter of days.
Anyone wishing to see this remarkable vessel before she departs can do so by going to the Newport Shipyard. The web site has lots of information and pictures of her exquisite interior.

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